Nano War



Nano War is a Real Time Strategy action game. In Nano War, you have to annilihate the other entity. You are the blue entity, your opponent is red. Defend, attack, increase your cells and destroy your opponent. Play it in solo mode or against other players on the muliplayer mode.
A level editor is avaliable, create, try and share your own levels.
The multiplayer mode is avaliable in beta test, try it.

How to play

  • To attack another cell : CLICK on your blue cell then CLICK on the red cell. You will send 50% or 99% (keep pressing) of the units from the cell.
  • You have to capture other cells in order to produce your units. The grey cells are neutral and static. The number of units into the cells is limited by their size. Press the SPACEBAR or click outisde to unselect the current cell.
  • Capture the biggest cells to increase the production of units much faster. You can select multiple cells : DRAG and DROP on the empty place. Well, you know all about Nano War. Good luck and have fun! :)

Awards :

  • 2008 : 1st best student game submited on WhoseGame’s contest 2008
  • 2008 : Anthology Web Flash Festival 2008
  • 2008 : SACD Award


Developement :

Year : november 2007


  • Benoit Freslon: Game Design, ActionScript, 2D art, sound design,

  59 Responses to “Nano War”

  1. NanoWar 0.7 is full of bugs :-(
    can we have the previous version please?

  2. Can you repport bugs on the forum please ?

    Thanks ;).

  3. The multiplayer version is not working… I can’t push ready:(

  4. NanoWar needs more levels, thanks. =]

  5. When i want to start an Multiplayer Game, and I join an existing one, I can’t get ready, because if I click on ready in will change to not ready immerdiately.


  7. .-. the editor doesnt work


  9. Also the loader is broken — says “loading” but never completes. Can’t even start.

  10. wie startet das spiel denn jetzt ihr arschlöcher

  11. Merci pour ce super jeu tres adictif a quand un portage sur l’iphone je suis sur qu’il ferait un malheur et que tu pourrais gagner pas mal d’argent. Bravo a toi en tout cas et bonne continuation

  12. […] Flashspiel ähnlich Galcon auf dem iPhone: Nano War […]

  13. je suis complètement d’accord avec dr mac : un portage sur iPhone serait vraiment intéressant (taille de l’écran à peu près compatible et le multitouch remplacera facilement la souris). Bravo pour ce super-jeu, je ne m’en lasse pas. Simple et très prenant !

    bonne continuation :-))

  14. bjr Benoit ,

    je n’arrive pas à passer en multijoueur le message donné est :

    ” the multiplayer may change during online … ”

    Comment faire ?!


  15. That music is annoying and can’t be turen off.

  16. Well done, the game is really fun to play. More levels would be nice. didnt test the mp yet.

  17. I can’t create an account in multiplayer. Under the email field I get an “undefined” message.

  18. Please fix the map editor prolem… PLEASEEE!
    How can I access more levels?

  19. I cant access the map editor option, can you help me?

  20. Im starting to believe there is nobody out there…
    I cant log in the editor,
    Im sooooo bored of the 15 levels available, I have created new maps and had no problems until now,
    its been 2 days since I asked for help to log in… is it useless? nobody cares?

  21. The multiplayer isn’t working at the moment and more levels would be nice.

    But so far a great game. Hope you’ll keep developing on it. I am already addicted ;)

  22. Hi,
    I red your messager 2 days ago and the login mogule works.
    Have you a firewall ?
    Where do you come from ?
    Nano War uses port : 2000 and 2001


  23. hi there,

    when im loggin in and hitting the “connect” button, i immediatly get disconnected with the message: “You have been disconnected!” Is the multiplayer mode working at the moment?

    kind regards

  24. Hi Benoit,
    I have been playing your game for the last 4 weeks, I was really ejoying the editor, creating an playing others maps, suddendly I just cant login any more, I write my user name and password and the screen just never repies the ususal “identificacio ok!”
    I have tried creating a new accout and I get the same proble, I even tried to create a new acoutn or login with my last user name and password and nothing happens.
    Im really sad to feel I just cant access, can you help me?
    Can you create an account for me?
    Can I create a new acoutn if I use the same mail address?

  25. I forgot to tell you I have no firewalls that stop the process as I had played before, also, I have tried from other computers, no use.

  26. Benoit,
    Im out of here for ever,
    Your game is awesomw, I became adicted to it, but if problems to login are unsolvable, it is just a waste of time after you finish the 15 levels, its a shame…

  27. Woooooohaaa, I like this game. That’s some really good gameplay. The only teardrop is: ooooonly 15 levels :(
    Is there the slightest chance, that there will be more levels in future ?
    I would really appreciate this very much….

    Fantastic game

  28. Amazing game, based as much on strategy as reflexes and tests a player’s ability to react immediately to an opponents strategy and tests their ability to predict an opponents moves. Truly a great game. I’d love to see the coding for the AI on this!

  29. Why not adding the best user edited maps to the 15 levels ????

  30. HI benoit,

    great game. I don´t know, if you noticed, but the german DER SPIEGEL is promoting your game. This game will become a hype. Please focus on a good working multiplayer and new maps (editor). Start buying servers !!! ; )))) They will come.

  31. Hi and thanks,
    Please can u post the url of this article on the DER SPIEGEL.
    Thanks ;). Have fun

  32. Hi, I am getting the message “nickname empty or already taken” although I haven´t change anything (still logging in like I did the days before

  33. Très bon passe temps pendant les heures de bureau…

  34. your game is fantastic

  35. when the new version comes out?

  36. Great game.

    When I quit a multiplayer game, the game screen goes black and i have to reload the game….annoying little glitch.

  37. An Android version please!!!! :D

  38. a fun game played it on kongregate first and came here looking for the new lvls you mention on kong. but alas there are none :( also its a little to easy don’t you think

  39. hmmm just curious

    is this a plagiarism of phage wars?

    is phage wars a rip off of this?

    were they both developed independently? (doubtful)

    or were they both developed by the same person?

  40. Hello,
    Once again, I created Nano War in november 2007 it was release in may 2008. (just google it)
    Phage wars is a total rip off of my game.

  41. Would you be interested in licensing this design for the iPhone?

    Looking for work?

  42. […] ce n’est pas de NanoWar dont je parles, même si les deux jeux se ressemblent dans les grandes […]


  44. This game is so great, i bought something like this on ps network, but in the browser for free is really better, thx for posting

  45. I love this game. I have seen loads of clones of this now. One way to judge a games impact is to count the clones. Well done mate! :-)

  46. great game, can’t stop playing it

  47. great game… i play it for years over and over… it would be great if you could create more levels :))

  48. I used to be suggested this web site through my cousin.
    I’m now not certain whether or not this publish is written via him as nobody else recognize such unique about my difficulty. You’re amazing!


  49. I very much love his game. I think I will regularly use this site to play it.

  50. Locked at level 11…

  51. Hi. That’s a great game, i played it the first time in 2007 or 2008.
    Does multiplayer work for this game? It stuck when i tried to register….however the multiplayer is fantastic in this game. Please-please fix the multiplayer….

  52. Hello Alex,
    Unfortunatly the multiplayer server is down. I don’t have a server.
    By the way you can play Nano War iOS multiplayer.

  53. There is a bug when you start a level(any lv) and you can not select your cells(blue ones) pls fix

  54. Also I found a way to make your own lvs through ifile. Basically I just changed the code and made my self a lv of my own Design, pls do not change this pls(making your own lvs in awesome)

  55. Hello Omed. You see this bug in the story mode only?

  56. hello,
    i can ‘t create an account! sorry for my english

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